June's Beauty Tip!

This month's beauty tip is one I think everyone should do once in a while, but I bet hardly anyone does.
With last months weather being typical British Weather (one minute its boiling next it's freezing and raining) and as Summer is supposedly on it's way it's soon going to be time to get all the sandals and flip flops out. Now I for one hate my feet, I do care for them a lot but to me feet are just gross things! But it doesn't hurt trying to make them as nice as possible especially as soon they are going to be out on display for everyone to see.

This brings me onto this month's beauty tip...

Moisturising Feet

You may think this is just an obvious thing but I don't think anyone really realises how much difference it can actually make. After every bath or shower or whenever I soak my ffet I get an old pair of socks some nice moisturiser and literally coat my feet in moisturiser. I normally do this before I go to bed and I wake up with super soft feet.

Do you look after your feet?
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