March's Beauty Tip!

Well, it's that time again for my next monthly beauty tip. This months tip is how to tackle dry skin.

Now I know Spring is ready to bloom but I still struggle with dry skin, more in the warmer seasons then the colder ones.
I just hate having really stubborn dry skin and my normal moisturiser not working or a heavier moisturiser just making my skin greasy looking and oily! SO, when I started using my original Vaseline on dry skin and it worked I thought it should be a beauty tip especially as it a multi-purpose product.

Vaseline is well known for being used as lip balms, but on their tin it actually says: "soothes dry skin and lips" but I personally use it at both. I only use this at night as the formula of Vaseline is quite greasy. I just apply it directly to my dry skin before I go to bed, which is normally around my nose and lips, and then in the morning carry on with my usual routine. Now I know everyones skin is different and if you do have dry skin and some vaseline lying about I would truly recommend it! I think the Aloe Vera Vaseline would be good for redness and irritated dry skin...will have to try that one out and report back to you!

Do you like using multi-purpose products?
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