Favourite Winter Nail Polishes!

Was just about to paint my nails and thought, what are my favourite winter nail polishes, so I got them all out of my make-up box and thought I would do a quick blog. All these nail polishes will be drugstore so will be relatively cheap.

 17 Supreme Shine Nail Polish - Wicked
I got this colour for my birthday in April. I just LOVE it. The colour is just a beautiful purple, I put it on the other day and it looked like I had done a gradient style on my nails
, but I had just applied it normally. This has got a 'maxi' brush which I like but I find it quite difficult to apply to some nails as they aren't as wide as others. So, if you are going to get this keep some cotton buds and nail varnish remover handy!
Boots - £3.99

Barry M Nail Paint - Navy
I bought this nail varnish for myself in August, and I have only just recently started growing my nails and looking after them properly so thought I would treat myself. The Barry M nail polishes are great! They are quite cheap and go onto your nails wonderfully and are easy to remove. Because it is a dark colour you need to apply two or three coats to get the gorgeous navy colour. This colour reminds me of winter because of the dark colour and looks nice as an everyday colour too. I partner this with the Barry M All-in-One (basecoat, topcoat and nail hardner) and it works a treat. I love this colour and this is going to be on my nails over christmas. Plus they are the same price wherever you get them, so I normally buy it where ever the offers are about!
Boots - £2.99

N.Y.C Long Wearing Nail Enamel - Starry Silver Glitter
I got given this nail polish ages ago, and I am not quite sure if they still sell it or not. But any glitter nail varnish makes me think winter. It isn't like the Models Own glitter nail polishes where you can wear them alone, but this is nice to put over dark colours. It is mainly silver glitter with bigger blue and purple glitter parts. This colour I just love and pair it with my Barry M Nail Paint - Navy they look great together and makes me feel all christmassy. You do have to apply a top coat over this  otherwise it doesn't look that shiny or feel that smooth. It also is a pain to take off, but in my opinion I think it's worth it. I might post  few pictures of what this looks like with my Barry M Nail Paint.
It has been discontinued in the UK, but what I would recommend instead of this is:

Maybelline Forver Strong Pro - Golden Brown
My mum bought me this nail polish not long ago, as in Tesco it was 3 for 2 across their Maybelline make-up range. This colour is a nice shimmery natural gold, I love wearing it in the winter because it goes with anything! But it's one of those colours you could also wear throughout the year as well. It's easy to apply, looks beautiful on and makes your nails look super healthy and long. Plus you can normally Maybelline in most drugstores.
Boots - £4.09

Nails Inc. London - Victoria
This is a full size Nails Inc. nail polish (10ml) and I got it free in my Glamour magazine which is only £2. Which is a bargain compared to when the actual size is £11. You can also buy a 5ml bottle on their website for £5. But anyway, this nail polish is a really nice dark red, but when applied to nails it looks quite like a plum colour. You need at least 2 coats with this as it is quite thin. But apart from that it is really nice, but not sure whether I personally would buy this at £11 I would probably buy a cheaper alternative because at the end of the day you still get the same type of product.
Nails Inc. - £11.00 (10ml)

If you have another blogs you'd like me to do, just comment below.

Farewell for now,

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