Christmas Wishlist

Just thought as it is coming up to Christmas I would do a quick wishlist. Some of it is stuff I have asked for and others I haven't simply because I will treat myself to it in the January sales or will buy with the money I get at christmas.
The Naked Palette - Urban Decay
I really like the look of this palette, and it has nothing but good reviews. I haven't asked for this for christmas because for me it is a bit of a pricey gift to ask my family to get me, so hopefully with the Naked2 Palette now released after christmas this may go down in price. Fingers crossed!

Butter London Artful Dodger
These nail polishes always look really nice and I don't really own any expsensive nail varnishes or those you can't buy in drugstore. This looks like a really nice colour and nothing like any colour I have had. I have asked for this for chirstmas but whether my mum can remember me asking her for it is another story. Guess I will just have to wait and see.
Short UGG Boots - Brown
I have asked for these for christmas as one of my main gifts as I do know these are expensive. Last christmas I did actually get a pair of UGG boots in the style Bailey Button in the colour grey. I have lived in them pretty much all year, any season any weather I have worn them, so it wasn't really a surprise when the elastic holding the button to the UGG broke. Broke my heart though :( Hopefully Father Christmas will treat me again this year.

Jelly Belly Candle - Liquorice
I absolutely love candles and I love the jelly belly jelly beans so when they released a range of candles it wasn't really surprising when I put it on my christmas list. I love the smell of liquorice so just had to say I would like the liquorice one! Really hope I get one, I do like the Yankee Candles but they are so expensive so thought this would be a better thing to ask for.

Harry Potter Boxset - All 8 Films
I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I couldn't wait for the last films and when they finished couldn't believe it was the end. So, when I saw this boxset advertised on TV I just had to have it. I have asked for it but Mum didn't seem to like the idea to get it for me. Well, let's just say if she doesn't it for me I will go out and buy it for myself!

Hollister Malibu Beach Body Mist
I got this body spray last year from my grandparents and before then didn't really associate myself with Hollister, but since last christmas I have been obsessed with their body mists. I got another three for my birthday in April and have been switching between the four. But I have basically only just ran out of this scent, my all time favourite so have asked my grandparents for it again this year. Would recommend these sprays to anyone as they are perfect all year round, I currently spray them on my scarves to keep them smelling nice throughout the cold winter.

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas Wishlist!

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