What I'm Watching #3

Time for another What I'm Watching post. I've been really itching to write this post as there are so many things that I've been watching at the moment and that I've been loving too! January is such a great time for TV as so many series start up again for the New Year. I have 5 shows I want to share with you today so I should probably get on with it!

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is amazing and the new episodes are 5 years forward. I was really unsure on how this would work but it has worked so well and I love it so much! The first 5 years forward episode was so much like the first ever episode of PLL which I absolutely loved! I cannot wait to see what else they do in this series and Netflix is also uploading it the day after it airs in the US which is amazing too!

The Mysteries of Laura

Something you should know about me, I love mystery/detective/murder/crime programs, some of my faves are NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, Castle, Law & Order etc. basically I am an old woman trapped in a 19 year olds body. Anyway, going with the whole crime/detective dramas I have been obsessed with The Mysteries of Laura whereby I've watched the whole series in two weeks (oops). This is different to ones I've previously watched as not only does it show the whole crime, defectiveness which I love but it also shows the life of Laura (the main character/detective) in terms of being a recently divorced single parent to twin boys and juggling the whole women with a career whilst also being a mother. It's a great series and I cannot wait to see where they take the next series and the characters stories.

Making A Murderer

Many of you have probably heard about this documentary and have probably watched it yourselves. I am not usually one for documentaries but after seeing so many people talk about it on Twitter and then my friend, Jess (she has a YouTube Channel and a Blog, make sure to check them out!) said I would like it I made it my mission to start watching. I have been hooked to this! I can't believe it's actually true, after the first episode I was completely shocked and disgusted! I am so close to finishing this but want to spend the time to actually watch completely be focused on the series.

Harry Potter

An oldie but a goodie. I love Harry Potter, so much so I actually did the Harry Potter Tag, and often re-watch the films, especially the last two. But after hearing the sad news on Thursday 14th January that Alan Rickman had sadly passed away (RIP) I went on an emotional binge watching of the films. So much so that I watched all 8 films in the period of three days. I rediscovered my love for the films and it made me realise that life is too short to do things you don't love, so me spending three days of my life re-watching the Harry Potter films I don't regret because I enjoyed doing it and I went through a rollercoaster of emotions whilst watching them. If you've never watched them I would definitely recommend them, but especially the books as they are just something else, and as much as I love the films there is a lot that they missed out.

Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta

To end on a happier note I thought I would add my complete guilty pleasure for the past month. Basically day time TV is great, when you watch it maybe once a week, when you have seven weeks off from university and don't have much work to do or any plans (or just want to spend most of your time in bed) you start branching out onto new TV shows. I have recently become absolutely engulfed by TLC. The channel offers some very weird and wonderful shows and something I have been loving is Say Yes To The Dress and specifically the Atlanta edition (I just love Lori and Monte okay). Not gonna lie, there was a day after New Years where I spent the majority of it watching this show, its addictive, theres drama, laughs, emotion. It's amazing and such an eye opener! Seriously, the amount some people pay on a wedding dress! Anyway, this show is something I can just throw on, whatever mood, and just watch for hours effortlessly. It's honestly great!

Another What I'm Watching has been and gone. I feel like I've been watching some very diverse and different programmes/films over the past few weeks especially and have been loving it. I definitely want to watch some more documentaries in the future as I have been completely and utterly hooked on Making A Murderer.

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