What I'm Watching #2

My last What I'm Watching post was really popular so I thought I should share once again What I've Been Watching. I haven't really been watching a lot of new TV shows at the moment because I have quite a lot of work at the minute but there a few continued favourites.
Once Upon A Time
I love this TV show and I am so happy it is back on TV. If you've never watched this it's basically a Disney lover's dream. The show is based on a modernisation of Disney films whilst also keeping their old style charm. And don't think they just focus on old style Disney like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty but in the later series they've also bought in Frozen and Brave. I love how this show pushes the boundaries and I'm always surprised by where the storyline goes as sometimes it is completely unpredictable. 

How To Get Away With Murder
If you don't know I study Law at University and this year one of my modules I am studying is Criminal Law and when this show popped up on my Netflix I thought it was very apt. I quickly finished the first series as it was so addictive. In the first episode you see that a murder has taken place and the rest of the series you find out more information about who was murdered, who did it and why and how they went about covering up. It's really good and it flips between the future and the past until it catches up and then it plays it out as it happens kind of thing. I am currently watching the second series and it is just as good. I cannot wait to see how this next series plays out as the first series was so so good!

Call the Midwife
Okay, completely different from all the TV shows I normally watch but this was on my list to watch for ages and when I was getting bored of the TV shows I was watching I decided to give this a watch. I was so surprised I liked it as much as I do. Its basically about the life of a group of midwives set in historic England but it is just so good and so captivating. Definitely worth a watch if you fancy something different!

A (kind of) short post today but I haven't really been watching that many new things recently but these are my top picks. I need some new tv shows to watch so if you have any recommendations please do let me know!

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