Being a Student Beauty Junkie

Hello. My name is Paige and I have a problem with beauty products.
If you're an avid reader of my blog you will know that I love all things beauty but also that I am a university student. Of course those things don't always go hand in hand. Living as a university student is hard enough with a student budget but being a beauty junkie makes it a little more difficult. However, I always love getting a bargain, especially where beauty products are involved! I thought I'd share some easy ways to help some of you save money on beauty products, whether you are a student on a student budget, or someone who is attempting to rein in their spending or even for those who are trying to save before Christmas.

Loyalty Cards
As annoying as they are in your purse they can seriously save you some money. The ones I have in particular are the Boots Advantage Card, the Superdrug Health & Beauty Card and the Debenhams Beauty Club Card. Just a little swipe at the tills can save you some serious money down the line, I checked my Boots card the other day and had £10 worth of points on there!

Similarly to the Loyalty Cards a lot of beauty stores now do apps. The ones I use is the Boots app and the Superdrug app. The Boots app is great as you can upload vouchers onto your card that automatically get taken off at the till which takes the hassle out of dealing with loads of paper vouchers that a lot of places opt to give you. I have only recently downloaded the Superdrug app but so far it looks as though it will be quite similar to the Boots one where it is linked to your loyalty card.

Student Discount
Obviously this only applies to students but recently a lot of brands have noticed that a lot of their revenue comes from people under 25 and predominantly students. NUS do a card, (which is well worth buying if you don't have it already),  which enables you to get 10% off Superdrug purchases, which when you are on a strict budget that 10% can make such a difference especially as most Superdrug's sell some household items as well!

A recent discount for students has appeared on UNiDAYS (if you aren't a student there are ways around this, so definitely worth checking out!) is 10% off purchases, annoyingly it is only available online but they do do a great click and collect service, this is particularly great if you don't have a big Boots near to you as well as you can go beauty shopping all from the comfort of your own home. 

Carrying on with online shopping UNiDAYS again have bought out an amazing (but probably dangerous) discount out for all you beauty fanatics which is 20% off FeelUnique purchases. Which is amazing as I love shopping on FeelUnique as they literally sell any brand you can think of on an amazingly simple website, which I can easily spend hours browsing on. 

That's all of my easy ways to save money on Beauty products especially when you are on a budget. This was predominantly targeted at students but there are some great ways to save money even when you aren't a student particularly through the Beauty Apps and Loyalty Cards and they cost you nothing to do so its a win win really.

Have you any tips or tricks to save money when you are a Beauty Junkie on a Budget, if so I would love to know what they are and if there are enough I may do a follow up post with all the tips you've mentioned!

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