Where I Blog: University Edition

 I love being nosy and seeing where people blog from! Anything to get to know the person behind the blog. Hence why I am doing my very own version today. I've been blogging on and off for a very long time and I've never done one of these posts, but since I have been blogging properly again for just over a month I thought it was time to share with you where I put my thoughts together for blog posts. This is a University edition as if you don't already know I am back at university (you can read my update post here) so have been having to try and sort out my blogging set up. It's minimalistic but I like it and I know I can really focus at this space.

My desk in my university room is huge! Literally I have no idea what to do with all the space but because its the only sitting area I have in my room I do everything here, blog, study and do my make up. It's not too bad though because as my desk is so big I can separate it into sections (as you kind of see above) but I won't go into too much detail as I'm planning on doing a room tour in the next couple of weeks!

When I blog I like to keep it very minimalistic, I like to have the necessities with me which usually includes my MacBook (obviously), my iPhone (an essential for anyones desk!), my diary and my blogging notebook as well as a pen to jot down any details. Also my camera is usually next to me but obviously I couldn't show that as I was using it to take these photos! I obviously do have a hot drink of some sort with me when I blog anything from a Green Tea to a Hot Chocolate but I haven't had time to wash up all my mugs so went without today (student life at its finest)

As the colder months start to set in and the darker evenings this set up will be accompanied by a variety of different candles of course and some comfy clothes and fluffy socks to match but at the moment this is the set up I have.

In case some of you think this is where I religiously set myself down to blog you would be very much mistaken, I do, on the odd occasion, prefer to sit on my bed in a comfier position to put words to, well, the internet or actually in my bed if some late night inspiration hits!

I hope you've liked this post and it may have given you an insight into me, the person behind the blog. It's very minmilistic, as I've said, and can look quite boring but its the environment I work best in when I want to focus and get stuff done!
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