December's Beauty Tip

This months beauty tip is:


Today's beauty tip is a bit later then usual but better late then never, eh? Moving on, this month's beauty tip is all about exfoliating, I read somewhere that you should exfoliate at least twice a week (both face and body) to remove all the dirt and dead skin cells from your body. I have to say this isn't something I do too often due to the fact my skin, especially on my face, is quite sensitive but on the odd occasion I do exfoliate I do notice a huge difference. I would recommend experimenting with different exfoliators as there are some really harsh, grainy exfoliators such as the FCUK Showerscrub (pictured above) but then there are some really gentle exfoliators such as the Ginvera Tea Tree Marvel Gel (not pictured) so like anything it's finding the one that works well for you and your skin type. 

Sorry for the such long winded post, I am planning a few posts to go up after christmas but if you have any recommendations please comment with them below.

How often do you exfoliate?

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